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About Us

Let me tell you a little back story of the brand.

The idea of Sunny Side Clothing all started after I was diagnosed with a mood disorder. I was then in a very deep depressive episode and couldn't find any motivation to do anything including getting dressed. Eventually I was able to force myself to get dressed once in a while and realised that whenever I was wearing colours I felt better. Like my clothes gave me a little extra boost of positivity that was well needed. 

I however felt that something was missing in my clothing and that was a message. So I started thinking of developing my own brand which had always been a dream of mine (I remember as a teenager wanted to develop some t-shirts for festivals and go sell them there with my BFF). 

I wrote down plenty of messages that talked to me around positivity and mental health and starting designing around these. I ended up with 8 powerful design that each have their own unique message. 

Why mental health? Well when I was diagnosed with the big word 'bipolar' and started mentioning it around me I was shocked by how people reacted. I don't understand why it is so taboo to talk about mental illnesses and think this has to change. I knew that I had to include this aspect in my brand as part of our core value since breaking the stigma around mental health. Which is why Sunny Side Clothing has some t-shirts with mental health specific designs and that £1 of every t-shirt we sell will go to a mental health charity. 

Why positivity? Because the world needs it! I am always shock by how much negativity there is in the world. By infusing positive and kind messages in my designs, I am hoping it will help all the positive thinker out there spread there beautiful rays of sunshine and put more of it into the world. 

So that is the little back story of how this came to life!